Speedy Shopper

Speedy Shopper 1.6

The power and ease of it comes in its extremely user-friendly interface

Speedy Shopper was designed, from first-hand experience, to help alleviate some of this daily and weekly grind. I was annoyed at the amount of time it took to do a simple thing like shop for groceries, and looked around on the Internet for a shopping list management program.
The power and ease of Speedy Shopper comes in its extremely user-friendly interface, which looks sort of like Windows Explorer. Each “folder” is a **category of items**, like Meat and Seafood, Frozen food, or Snacks. Speedy Shopper allows you to create as many categories with as many items as you’d like. It won’t confine you to preset item lists.
Speedy Shopper lets you add multiple items at once, and assign them all the same category and aisle. For instance, when it comes time to fill in your Produce category, who wants to spend 45 minutes adding, one by one, every type of fruit or vegetable you eat? Just list them all down in one box and they’ll all be added simultaneously.
And, if the store decides to rearrange the aisle numbers on you, you can move all items in a category to any aisle you want with just a couple clicks. And once you have a lot of items in your item list, you can find any item within a few keystrokes with an integrated Find Item Box.

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